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[ l y n' s p r i v a t e r o o m ]

13 October 1986
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location_germany // baden-wuerttemberg // rheinfelden
_germany // bavaria // munich
occupation_student (japanese studies (major)・transnational german studies・social studies), daughter, sister, fangirl


character_obsessive, music-freak, small, bi, left-handed (and proud of it), shy, clumsy, hyper-sensitive, daydreamer, quiet, introverted

japanese people & language & culture, open-mindness, tolerance, sleeping, hot showers, thai food, chilli, asia, touching movies, languages in general, piercings, tattoos, outstanding people, individualism, homosexuality, art, strawberry pocky, snow, korean language, exotic fruits, daydreaming, ramen, sushi, hong kong, k-/j-dramas, things with black/red-stripes, chucks, skateboards, malcolm in the middle, the simpsons, thai instant soups, korea (the drink: wine + coke & the country), glasses, everything that is related to winter

egoism, corny songs & ballads, romance movies, stupidity, ignorance, blah blah blah

music, labello lip-balm, coffee

kim jong wan [nell]

lee jung hoon [nell]

+ european_ tool, arca, deine lakaien, endraum, the cure, the prodigy, atari teenage riot, franz ferdinand, muse, radiohead, thomas d, nick cave, richard ashcroft, the beatles, portishead, the dresden dolls, tiger lou, kent, dust brothers, ramones, beck, pixies, air, danny elfman, phillip boa & the voodooclub, autechre, massive attack

+ japanese_ acid android, kozi, l'arc~en~ciel, hyde, orange range, sons of all pussys, tetsu69, plastic tree, eve of destiny, the zolge, zi:kill

+ korean_ nell, mot, bi/rain, epik high, seo tai ji, gloomyband, peterpan complex, pia

+ chinese_ wang leehom, wilber pan (pan wei bo), shine

+ thai_ dunk, potato, calories...blah blah, clash, futon, ab normal, damnwrong, film

♥ favourites: mot, nell, acid android, deine lakaien, orange range

::best albums ever::
deine lakaien - dark star
deine lakaien - 1987 ~lost early works
acid android - acid android
yukihiro - 8.13
mot - non-linear
nell - speechless

jim jarmusch movies
tim burton movies
moon child, schindler's list, forrest gump, mulholland drive, natural born killers, fight club, requiem for a dream, a clockwork orange, bin-jip, crash

nell_official homepage: http://www.nellhouse.com/
mot_official homepage: http://www.motmusic.com/
mot_official fancafé: http://cafe.daum.net/motband

my other LJ [german]: lyn_sama

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Nell is Silly Love

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Jong Wan's hair is Crazy Love